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About Us

Every child is special. Any parent or educator will tell you that. But there is something in the Montessori child that makes him or her stand out in the crowd. They’re often cited as compassionate and socially aware; independently driven yet collaborative. That’s no accident. Far from it. In fact, Montessori education places the child’s social, emotional and intellectual development at the forefront to help children mature into empathetic and responsible adults.

Since the 1990's Keystone Montessori (formerly Bright Horizon's Montessori) has made it our mission to provide a high quality education that promotes academic excellence and prepares children and young adults to engage the world as active citizens and successful leaders. Our method incorporates a solid Montessori teaching foundation for the beginning years, and branches off to a STEM (science, technology, english, math) -based approach as the child progresses through the elementary school grades.


We believe in a brighter future that will be led by compassionate, engaged citizens who think globally, act responsibly and collaborate successful to create a humane world.

We believe that starts with our children – and that Montessori provides our children the best start in life.


For more on Montessori, visit History of Montessori. To learn more about our programs,  visit Foundations of Learning & Leadership . To get to know us better, visit Faculty.


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